April showers, or April Apocalypse?

After coming back from Buenos Aires, I was greeted with cloudy skies and a significant temperature drop. It’s safe to say that summer in Santiago is now a distant memory, […]

Shopping in Santiago

Santiago has much to offer the shopping scene. Aside from fresh food markets and stalls, you can also find great shopping neighbourhoods. I’ve spent some time exploring these areas, and […]

Bringing UK style to Chile with Luxemme

Last month the fashion brand Luxemme kindly contacted me and sent me this wonderful playsuit. Luxemme is a fresh and forward- thinking luxury women’s clothing brand that combines Parisienne chic […]

Classic Chilean Girl

I have been in living Chile for a month now, and have been avidly observing the street style and fashion around me. I have discovered that there is an overwhelming […]

Vamos a la playa … in January

Being in the southern hemisphere at this time of the year means that I have escaped the typical chilly January weather and am enjoying 30 degree heat and lots of […]

Essential items for 2016

New year, new wardrobe… or just about. I’ve packed up again and am in Chile for the next 5 months (the photo above is the view from my apartment!). Since […]