Essential items for 2016

New year, new wardrobe… or just about.

I’ve packed up again and am in Chile for the next 5 months (the photo above is the view from my apartment!). Since I will have to go through another transition from summer to winter, I decided to throw out old clothes in the spirit of the New Year and narrow my Chilean wardrobe down to a few essential items which can be worn across all seasons. Here is my list:

The blouse


A loose and floaty blouse not only adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit, but is perfect for warm summer months. A nice collar can also peek out of a thicker jumper in winter.

The plaid shirt


Replace a denim jacket with a plaid shirt when the evenings turn chilly. Extra hipster points if you wear with ripped jeans and a beanie. In winter, button up the flannel shirt to keep warm.

The denim skirt


It was everywhere last summer, but no need to store it away! It accessorises perfectly with a turtleneck top, thick tights and statement necklace. For summer, wear with anything from a simple crop top to graphic strappy t-shirt.



This is a classic staple item for a reason. Black will always remain stylish and sophisticated whatever the season. I would pair it with a denim shirt and sandals over summer, which can easily be switched for knee-high boots and a chunky scarf.

The midi dress


Perfect for the beach, visiting cities and going out in the evening. Keep the summer vibes going in winter by wearing it with a pair of tights!

Now you are set to travel light around the world, whatever the season!

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