6 Types of students … and what they wear

Welcome back to The Style Rover! I hope you like the new design (I’m still working on a few things) and forgive me for not writing in so long.

After a very hectic final year at Oxford, work and exams kept getting in the way of blogging (and any form of social activity for that matter). I tried to write this blogpost multiple times throughout the year and have finally come round to it now that uni is officially over.

So, in commemoration of my time at uni and the people I’ve met, here are a few types of students we all know and love, and how to spot them in the crowd:

1. The over-achiever

At University we are swimming in a sea of over-achievers, but there is no escaping that big fish who gets the top grades and who makes it look so easy (after 4 years I have yet to figure out their secret). Juggling work, volunteering, chairing committees and applying for jobs left, right and centre, the over-achiever is quite simply: #CVgoals.

Hard to catch, but often glimpsed at events such as career fairs, bake sales, or networking drinks.

What they wear: The over-achiever does not fail in the fashion department either. A crisp shirt seamlessly thrown together with cigarette pants and brogues is the staple outfit.

2. The athlete

The sporty one that is dedicated to one or ten physical activities, putting us all to shame by being up and about before 8 in the morning and after 8 at night. Always on the move, and high on adrenaline, the athlete radiates positive vibes and is great fun to be around.

Often seen with teammates at lunch bonding over the morning’s session. Be wary of finding yourself alone with a group of them as you will soon be lost in a sea of technical lingo.

What they wear: Stash. The bigger logo the better. Otherwise, how will everyone know which sport they play?

3. The stressed one

Ok it’s uni and everyone gets stressed, but there is always someone that is on another level of stressed. All the time. Whether it’s a deadline, exam or big event, something is bound to put them on edge.

But because of this they are usually very organised and on top of things so you know you’re in good hands if you’re partners in a project. Most likely to be found in the library, frantically typing away on their computer and surrounded by a pile of trusty books.

What they wear: Minimal effort required, as it’s stressful to pick what to wear sometimes! Jeans and a plain t-shirt is always a safe bet.

4. The wild one

Perhaps the opposite of the stressed one, the wild one hardly thinks twice about deadlines and essays, and prioritises drinking and socialising. You can always count on them for a good night and an entertaining story from the night before.

Usually spotted in the pub having a cheeky pint (likely to turn into two or ten), any day of week, and any hour of the day after the hangover has worn off.

What they wear: Think extravagant yet practical. Cool sparkly dress and hat, coupled with big sunglasses and a vodka cranberry.

5. The night owl

A different breed to the wild one, the night owl also emerges at dusk but strays from the clubs and social gatherings. Whether they are managing an essay crisis, suffering from insomnia, or deciding to do their laundry in peace in the wee hours of the morning, their body seems to be on an entirely different schedule to the rest of us.

It’s hard to track down the night owl, but if you are lucky you may spot them wandering around for a ‘walk’ at 3am, or tucked up in bed during the day.

What they wear: I think it’s safe to say that the night owl spends a lot of time in pyjamas. The experiences ones will have thick dressing gowns and outdoor slippers.

6. The gap year student

Pronounced “gap yah”. We’ve all heard the volunteering stories, backpacking adventures and crazy nights out countless times, but the gap year student never tires of telling them. Having been on my year abroad I feel this type of student is an easy trap to fall into, and whether or not you intend it, there is that sneaking feeling that you sound like this guy:

Seen in the library daydreaming about a far away land or planning a #throwbacktobetterdays post on Instagram. This is starting to sound familiar…

What they wear: It has to be something acquired abroad, whether a Peruvian woolly jumper, baggy pants from Vietnam or a fedora from Paris, there is a constant reminder accessory from previous travels.

But I guess as students we are all the same in one respect:

I’m heading to Lisbon and Madrid next week – look out for my text blogpost from there !



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